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With over 20 years of experience, we strive to be the leaders of the printing, signage and customization industry by providing quality products, enhanced services and strong relationships at affordable prices.

We specialize in brand creation, customization and implementation from the start to the end and ensure quality in every step of the way.

Our vision is to see our clients grow as we grow with them, taking care of all their unique and custom needs.

Services - Our areas of expertise


Branding is absolutely critical to a business because of the overall impact it makes on your company. Branding can change how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness..see more..


Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains the company’s logo can help reinforce its brand. Signs are also used to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its exposure is prominent and continuous.


For a successful marketing strategy, your brand visuals are as relevant; Billboards, LED & LCD Displays, banners, signages, flags, pop-ups, gazebos, etc, complement your marketing effort to reach a wider target audience..see more..

Digital & Offset Printing

Print advertising is the best method for establishing and reinforcing your brand. The reason is simple - printed media have a longer service life than other advertising methods and also the most cost friendly method of advertising..see more..

Cutting & Engraving

Our state of the art factory houses industrial Laser and CNC Machines for marking, engraving, embellishing and cutting any material from plastic to metal, ceramic to organic materials. The mastery of different types of machinery allows us to meet all identification, traceability, personalization and signages needs..see more..

Stitching & Embroidery

We provide a variety of custom made items such as uniforms, overalls, reflective vests, teeshirts, caps, bags and more. Whether you are looking for your own personalized t-shirt or looking to buy in bulk for your own business, we are happy to help you choose from our premium range. .see more..

Why choose Colortunes?

Our strong sense of identity with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide cutting edge solutions, even for issues that seem far-fetched. We have been on the market for years working with the best experts and adapting to an ever changing market demand, exposing us to top industry standards that has seen us become one of the leading Branding & Signage’s Company in Kenya. We are invariably updating and accessing current Technological support on workmanship, software and hardware to take any nature of job and meet our primary objective :- Providing the highest quality services.




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Our Creative Team is experienced in working with clients across diverse fields, so they can answer any questions you might have about your project. To request a free, no-obligation design consultation, please fill out the request form. Be sure to include some information about your company and your project so we know what you have in mind.

Digital Marketing

Digital branding is a brand management technique that uses a combination of internet branding and digital marketing to develop a brand over a range of digital venues, including internet-based relationships, device-based applications or media content. It has emerged strongly over the last decade along with its roots from direct marketing.

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The team working here is built on Team Spirit and each member possesses a unique ability that will ensure successful deliver of high quality services.

Gurupreet Dhanjal

Chief Executive Officer




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